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It works across devices.
That's it.

NoteToMe took a day to write and costs all of 18 bucks a year to run (for domain renewal; it's on free static hosting). I'm done developing it.

That's a good thing - it means I can promise to never:

I can promise all this because NoteToMe is an Edsu app. It means I don't have to store your data, you do, so it costs me nothing no matter popular it gets. It also means that if I ever break any of my promises, you can copy-paste the Wayback Machine's source code of this page into free hosting like Neocities and it will work exactly the same, with your old text showing up and everything.

You do have to sign up for an Edsu account. The nice thing, though, is that you only need the one account and it will work with every Edsu app, not just this one.

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If you already have an account, just put your username in here to get started: